Dear colleagues and clients,

We have performed some observations of the forest tree species in the regions of  the Varna – Burgas Black Sea, Rila, the West Rhodopes and the Osogovo.


We believe we can have a good season for the production of forest conifer seeds of Scots pine and Austrian/ black pine (Pinus Sylvestris, Pinus Nigra). We can say that we have less good crop of spruce (Picea Abies) and silver fir (Abies Alba). The mountain pine (Pinus Mugo) also shows good signs of a fruitful year. Forthcoming is an observation and tests of Macedonian pine and Bosnian pine (Pinus Heldreichii, Pinus Peuce)so that we can finish with the main conifer seed for production during the forthcoming season.


As for the deciduous species of interest for us, we have seen single “fruiting” trees  of Hungarian/Italian oak/Quercus Fraineto/.  Since last year was profusely plant yielding for this type of tree, unfortunately , we do not expect good production in the near future.


Unlike last year, the ordinary lilac /Syringa Vulgaris/  is not growing well, too but we do believe  we shall be able to fulfill the assumed yield/production commitments.

In a period corresponding to the maturation of the seeds of the different species, we shall also present the laboratory results from the quality characteristics tests – germination, purity humidity.

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