Dear colleagues and clients,
We, the ARBOR.BG team are proud to say that we worked very hard last season and made some achievements.
Nevertheless the bad yield in the black pine (Pinus nigra), owing to the help of good sylviculturists and forest lovers we managed to find plantations with a good rate of yield and good-quality seeds which were as islands in particular areas in the Pirin mountain region. The yield was accomplished due to local people who are experienced in forestry and who were able to gather sufficient amount of cones irrespective of the extremely low temperatures and the generally bad climatic conditions.
The cone processing itself was realized in two ways – in terms of rotating cylinder dryers or rack system pinecone drying machines. Our further experience proved that the rack system dryers resulted in higher purity of the product.


ARBOR.BG managed to yield more than 300 kg of coniferous species seeds, where we achieved excellent purity for the black pine, 99.7% which is an excellent result for us. Germination of the seeds is over 90%.
We also succeeded in satisfying the requirements of our clients and were given a very positive feedback for the results achieved.
There was no difficulty in the Eastern Scout pine yield. The crop was very good resulting in seeds of extremely high quality, yielded by elite seed orchards and stands in the Western Rhodopes. The laboratory samples results indicated 99% purity and germination reaching over 95% – excellent indices.
Contrary to pines, we marked no big success with the Norway spruce (Picea abiese) and the European silver fir (Abies alba). The yield was reduced to cones gathered from single trees in the seed bases.

We are looking forward to the next crop and truly hope it would be much more successful than the present one.
Until the next season we would try to improve and optimize our production processes in order to offer seeds of immaculate quality.


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