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Dear colleagues and clients, While waiting for the new harvest of forest seeds in 2019 we at ARBOR.BG team want to share with you our achievements in 2018. Of course nature is unpredictable, but whatever happens, our company is always trying to maintain uncompromising quality justified by years. The year was full of challenges and […]

Dear colleagues and clients, we from the ARBOR.BG team, would like to present to you the results from the gathering of seeds since the start of the season. Our achievements in the processing of fleshy fruits and the extraction of seeds therefrom can be noted as a positive result for us. At the end of […]

Dear colleagues and clients, We, the ARBOR.BG team are proud to say that we worked very hard last season and made some achievements. Nevertheless the bad yield in the black pine (Pinus nigra), owing to the help of good sylviculturists and forest lovers we managed to find plantations with a good rate of yield and […]

Dear colleagues and clients, We have performed some observations of the forest tree species in the regions of  the Varna – Burgas Black Sea, Rila, the West Rhodopes and the Osogovo. We believe we can have a good season for the production of forest conifer seeds of Scots pine and Austrian/ black pine (Pinus Sylvestris, […]

Dear colleagues, In the period from 23.06.2016 to 05.07.2016 our team will perform one of its regular monitorings of seed production facilities, gardens and planting for: Quercus frainetto, Quercus robur, Quercus petraea, Pinus mugo, Pinus nigra, Pinus sylvestris, Pinus peuce, Pinus heldreichii, etc. Although during this season we do not expect as high yield of […]