Sycamore maple (Аcer pseudoplatanus)



The Sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus) is a slender tree growing up to 40 m. It is spread in almost all parts of Europe. It occurs in the middle belt at an altitude of approximately 1200 – 1400 m.


The Sycamore maple is used in forestry and in park development. Its wood is very valuable and is used for the production  of veneer.

The seeds are characterized by moderate dormancy. Autumn sowing or 3 to 8 weeks’ stratification is recommended. Germination is high.


The sowing materials are moist and perishable. They may be preserved for up to 1 year at a temperature of 1°С, and when stored for up to 3 years hermetically sealed containers are recommended and storage at a temperature of -6°С.

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